Sunday, October 08, 2006


After the graduation ceremony on August 18th at the Spanish Language Institute in Costa Rica, we were ready to move on to our final destination... Balfate, Honduras. Needless to say, the goodbyes were difficult. Many of our fellow students, missionaries, and members of our church had become like family to us over the past year.

A good-sized step of faith for us (though maybe not for others who might be adventurous!) was taking a bus from San Jose, Costa Rica to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. There were several reasons why we decided to travel by bus instead of by air, but one of the main ones was due to the amount of luggage we had and the costs involved in air transport. We left Costa Rica on August 23rd and arrived here in Balfate, Honduras on August 25th. We saw God's hand throughout our trip as different people helped us with border crossings, transporting, and looking after our extra luggage, and with overnight accomodations. It was really an amazing opportunity to see much of Central America...ask us about it sometime!

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