Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Living History Day

Living History Day for the home school co-op was on Saturday, May 5th. The day was filled with typical early Amerian festivities, a tour of the 13 original colonies (conducted through the kids booths and displays), demonstrations of colonial arts and crafts (such as candle-dipping, braiding rugs, sewing samplers, block-printing, tinsmithing, handmade dolls, etc) and lots of authentic Colonial food (including gruel, cornbread, and Brunswick stew). All this was done in authentic colonial dress, with kids and adults participating. The evening culminated with a wonderful program in which the kids re-enacted important events leading up to and during the American Revolution and dramatically portrayed famous people, gave speeches, and recited poems. Shelby even played the snare drum...which added to the Revolutionary feel of the evening. It was quite a day!! What a wonderful grand finale to a great first year with the home school co-op here in Honduras!

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